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FONLAD #1_05
The Festival appeared in 2005 with the participation of two important artists: Agrícola de Cologne and Annie Abrahams. 19 artists from 13 countries presented 24 works on diferent media. The great atraction was its presence in Madrid, on October, in Tesauro's Gallery, with the support of the Recrearte Association (a local artists colective).

FONLAD #2_06
Pursuing the reception in Madrid, it was opted the second year for a physic exhibition: 32 artists from 14 countries. From 3 to 26 of November, took place the Bissaya Barreto's Foundation exhibition, in Coimbra. The festival counted on 38 workmanships: 24 photographs from 19 artists; 6 videos and 8 web art works. Yan Chung Hsien come especially from Taiwan to the opening of Festival, having pronounced some words about he's video at the Bissaya Barreto's Foundation. Equally to detach, was the performance from António Azenha.

FONLAD #3_07
Fonlad 07, The Digital Arts Festival of Coimbra, Portugal, in he's third edition has the participation of 26 artists from 12 countries.
Presented at The Block of The Arts, in Montemor-o-Velho, between May and July 07, the exhibition included photography and video taken from the 06 festival: with the goal to promote digital arts in several ways, Fonlad goes from the on line exhibitions to show rooms, promoting the materials proposed by artists in other events, like show rooms or screening projections.
The 2007 festival has been linked to the New Media Fest of Cologne in the first of several cooperation's that have been made.

FONLAD #4_08
The Fonlad exhibitions program presented a exhibition at MIAB - Madeira International Art Biennale (1 September to 13 October 08). The Biennale was opened with the Antonio Azenha's performence "Contemporanius Vitruvius" inserted in the Fonlad festival.
The exhibition program also include "Watermarks", in the UAVM Virtual Museum (3 October 08 to 3 January 09) and the 4th Fonlad's virtual exhibition (1 to 30 November 08).
In the project 32 artists was participated from 15 countries.

FONLAD #5_09

The project was marked by the exchange with the Ventipertrenta Festival promoted by the Terra del Arte in Italy who presented in Coimbra and Montemor-o-Velho an exhibition of hit's collection. In turn the FONLAD made a presentation to MIDAC in Belforte del Chienti in Italy. Also to highlight the exhibition in TMG Gallery (Guarda) and the video art show room by Cologne Off Festival. In UAVM was presented "Byte Scrapers. The festival involved 120 artists.

FONLAD #6_2010
FONLAD, on the sixth edition was focused on the theme "Virtual Humanities". Starting in May, the festival presented a range of events, divided into three phases or stages:video-art shows (in collaboration with the VideoLab - Portugal, Video Channel - Germany, In-Out Festival - Poland), exhibitions of photography and digital painting (Galeria Ícone / Icone Gallery) and Web Art (UAVM Virtual Art Museum). In the event has been involved more than 130 artists.

FONLAD #7_2011
The seventh edition programmed a several events focused on "Shipping Minds". International screenings by Oslo Screen, Athens Video Art Festival, Magmart - Video Under Vulcano, International Art Expo and Celeste Prize. Video Installation projects on the Montemor-o-Velho and Bernardo's House, Caldas da Rainha. Virtual Shows on UAVM Virtual Museum and Web Art Center. In global has been envolved on the Festival more than 200 artists.

FONLAD #8_2012
With a global participation from more than 200 artists, several activities have been held, focusing on video art, such exhibitions, video installations, workshops, residencies and virtual exhibitions (UAVM, and Web Art Center). Focus on partnerships with the Oslo Screen Festival (Norway), Magmart (Italy), Miden (Greece), Cologne OFF (Germany), VideoPlay (Argentina), Proyector (Spain), MIVA-Alterego (Ecuador) and Celeste Prize (Italy ).

FONLAD #09_2013
With a global participation from more than 300 artists, the activities has been centered at the Space For New Media Arts and Performance of the Alliance Française of Coimbra, with exhibitions, video installations, workshops, residencies and virtual exhibitions (UAVM, and Web Art Center). Focus on partnerships with the Magmart (Italy), Miden (Greece), Cologne OFF (Germany), VideoPlay (Argentina), Proyector (Spain), AIVA (Sweden), HEP (South Africa) and Manipulated Image (USA).